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The Pilkington Law Firm, PLLC, does an excellent job of advocating for the rights of never married parents or parents who are divorcing. We also educate our clients on the law and the responsibilities come with their legal rights.

Contact the Tulsa child support and custody attorneys at Pilkington Law Firm toll free at 866-591-9408 or submit the form on this website to schedule an appointment to discuss the facts of your case and to answer your questions. We will assist you and provide the individual attention and personalized service that you deserve.

A skilled, knowledgeable, dedicated child custody attorney can educate you on such things as what sole and joint custody means, and what rights and responsibilities you have as far as child custody and child support are concerned. Every family's situation is unique, and therefore, case outcomes can vary a great deal even if their circumstances seem similar.

Tulsa Child Custody Attorneys

We are attorneys who work for the best interests of you and your children and who try to find the optimal solution for the children involved. Important issues in custody and parenting time determinations are how many overnights you will be granted with your child and are there any issues that impact the other side having overnights with your children. You need to seek the advice of a dedicated, skilled attorney to answer such questions and as to how overnights relate to child support.

It is important to try to be reasonable for the children's sake. It is human nature to feel angry hurt, and to grieve the end of a relationship. Generally, you will still need to have an ongoing working relationship with the other parent of your child on such matters as health, education and religious aspects of the child's life.

Child Support Guidelines

In any separation or divorce involving children it is important that the child's basic needs are provided for as well as resources for additional life-enhancing activities, if the funds are available. The income and needs of the parties and children will be used by the court to set an amount of child support. However, a party who quits his or her job to avoid paying child support will likely be imputed by the court to have at least minimum wage resources to pay child support and will order it accordingly.

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