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We at the Pilkington Law Firm, PLLC, guide fathers and mothers through the process of defending against or establishing paternity. Generally, a paternity case is a court action to determine if a person is the father of a child born out of wedlock. Commonly, these actions are brought to enforce support obligations. Timeliness in asserting your paternity and any rights to your child is crucial. For example, in Oklahoma, you only have the first two years of a child's life to bring a paternity action or your rights may be lost forever.

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Benefits of being adjudicated as the father of a child can include sole or joint custody and/or visitation with your children. Another benefit of the legal acknowledgment of your fatherhood is the right to receive information regarding your child from schools and hospitals. Responsibilities include the duty to pay child support.

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At the hospital, a father who signs the birth certificate and waiver states that he is the child's father. Technically a nonmarital father does not have rights to the child unless by a court order it is adjudicated that he is the father.

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