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If you are considering a prenuptial agreement to protect the assets and fairly allocate the debt of both parties in case of divorce, it is important to complete the contract far enough ahead of the wedding to alleviate concerns of duress. Your needs and goals will determine how such an agreement can benefit you. We provide custom tailored agreements to serve your needs and protect your assets.

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It is important to make sure that your intended spouse has enough time to consult an attorney about the proposed prenuptial agreement and that he or she understands what the contract entails. If at all possible, a consultation needs to be done approximately six months before the wedding date. A prenuptial agreement that is completed too close to the wedding can be characterized as agreed to under duress. Therefore, the agreement may be voided by a court if it is challenged.

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The purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to protect assets and how to make sure that any children from previous relationships are provided for, including the designation of ownership of a joint home and the distribution of personal property. We help you forge an agreement that gives peace of mind and makes your wishes known. A prenuptial agreement can also provide protection for children from previous relationships.

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