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The Pilkington Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, handles military divorces which can be significantly different from a regular divorce. Major issues include multiple jurisdictions, benefits and unique terminology It is possible for a service member or their spouse to file for a divorce where they reside or either state of legal residence. You may have the right to file for divorce in a jurisdiction that you do not physically live in. An example of this is that you might be living in Oklahoma, but are a resident of New York and have the legal right to file in either jurisdiction. Jurisdiction to determine custody of their children may not be in the same State. Further, States may divide property by different rules. To add to the complexity, most attorney's are not familiar with military benefits, differences between active duty or reserve or guard members and military terminology.

As a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force, attorney Gilbert J. Pilkington, Jr. understands military issues very well. (Other attorney's use him as a consultant, and he teaches this subject.) His in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws allows him to craft unique solutions to protect his clients who are going through a military divorce.

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Military Child Support Attorneys

Military custody cases are different from a normal state court divorce. It is important to be reasonable and think of the best interests of your children when deciding what to ask for. The best interests standard is used by courts for making decisions for child custody and visitation. As a service member you may need to have a power of attorney given to a caretaker of your children before you are deployed overseas, and leave your children in the care of a friend or relative.

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