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Military Retirement Benefits in Divorce

The Pilkington Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas, effectively and efficiently handles military divorces that are distinguished by different jurisdictional requirements and terminology. A service member may have the ability to file for a divorce in multiple jurisdictions. One acceptable venue in which to file for a military divorce is that in the military home of record.

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Joint property can be divided up in different jurisdictions. You may have the right to file for divorce in a jurisdiction that you do not live in. An example of this is that you might be living in Texas, but are a resident of New York and have the legal right to file in either jurisdiction. An issue in military divorces is property division involving military pensions, allowances or benefits. This is a more important issue, the longer one or both spouses have served in the military, due to the increased value of such assets over time.

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